Ambassadors Training


Welcome to the Healthy School Environment Institute (HSEI) Leadership Conference and Technical Assistance (TA) Sessions resource page.  This page shares resources from the Healthy School Environment Institutes to support child nutrition leaders  in creating a sustainable, healthy school environment.


HSEI Stepping Up to the Challenge: Creating a Healthy School Environment October Conference Ambassador Presentations 


    I.  Wellness for our kids: connecting the classroom, cafeteria, cleaning and community 

        ~ Presented by Ambassador Pilar Gray; Fort Bragg Unified School District

                 PowerPoint Presentation


   II.  Marketing your healthy school foods program with a focus on change        

        ~ Presented by Ambassador Scott Soiseth; Turlock  Unified School District 

                 PowerPoint Presentation


   III.  Promoting creative, flavorful school foods cost-effectively

        ~ Presented by Ambassador Rodney Taylor; Riverside Unified School District 

                 PowerPoint Presentation


   IV.  A Taste of California: from apples and beans to grains and zucchini        

       ~ Presented by Ambassador Sandy Curwood; Ventura Unified School District 

                 PowerPoint Presentation


   V.  Farmers' market salad bar program: a healthy marketing strategy       

        ~ Presented by Ambassador Rodney Taylor; Riverside Unified School District

                        - PowerPoint Presentation


HSEI and Stepping Up to the Challenge: Creating a Healthy School Environment October Conference Ambassador Handouts and Other Materials

    I.  Healthy School Environment Content Area
        A. Local School Wellness Policy
            1. SCAN: Wellness Policy Rubric
            2. News Letter: Healthy Halloween Tips
            3. News Letter: Healthy Thanksgiving Tips
            4. News Letter: Healthy Holiday Tips
            5. Let Us Come Show You "WOW" Promotional Flyer
            6. Noon Aid Training Outline
            7. Healthier Middle Schools: Everyone Can Help - Communication Tools
                i. Principals (video)
                ii. Teachers (video)
                iii. Parents (video)
                iv. Food Service Personnel (video)
                 v. Students (video)
        B. HealthierUS School Challenge (HUSSC)
            1. HUSSC Menu Activity
            2. HUSSC PowerPoint for Administrators
            3. HUSSC PowerPoint for School Nutrition Staff
        C. Community Resources
        D. Nutrition Education
             1. Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Fact Sheet

   II.  Farm to School Content Area       
        A. Procurement Process
            1. How to Plan and Conduct a Farm Visit
        B. Food Literacy
             1. Farm to School Logic Model
        C. Produce Safety
        D. Greening Your School
             1. Green School Tips
III.  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Content Area
        A. Seasons and Specifications
                        i. Resources Required
                        ii. Core Elements
                        iii. Implementation
                        iv. Keys to Success
                        v. Edible Education
            5. Salad Bar Etiquette
        C. Culinary Techniques and Recipes
            1. Chef Ryan's Signature Line
              2.  Finding a Chef in Your Area

                2. Recipes
                    i. Asparagus Turkey ham and Cheese Frittata
                    ii. Breakfast Bread
                    iii. Caribbean Honey Garlic Chicken
                    iv. Chicken Chili
                    v.  Chicken with Citrus Sauce and Quinoa
                    vi. Chicken Fajita Pizza
                    vii. Greek Chicken Pasta
                    viii. Veggie Tacos
            D. School Garden
            1. The Healthy Schools Project: Demonstration Garden Guidelines
            2. National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity: School Garden to Cafeteria Q & A
            3. School Garden Roles and Responsibilities

            4. Healthy Garden Pledge Check-List
            5. Research Supports Garden-Based Learning (summary of research articles)
            6. Garden Enhanced Nutrition Education Resource List
            7. Garden Enhanced Nutrition Education Resource List (Adapted from CDE website)
            8. Forming a Garden Committee
            9. Defining purpose and objectives      
   IV.  Menu Planning Content Area          
        A. Seasonal, Cycle Menus and Calendars
        B. Whole Food Menu Planning and Preparation
        C. USDA Foods and Regional Foods Featured Recipes
V.  Marketing Content Area
        A. Branding
            1. What is Branding and How Important is it to Your Marketing Strategy?
            2. How to Define your Brand 

            3.  Developing a Marketing Plan: Activity  
            4. Using Marketing Strategies to Boost Demand for School Lunch (Webinar PPT Slides)