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A Collection of Videos and PowerPoint Presentations Shown During the FFVCHSE Trainings


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PowerPoint Presentations

Spring 2012 Day One and Day Two
Day 1
  • National and State Updates 
  • Offering —More, More, More Fruit & Veggies in Schools 
  • Promoting Fruit and Veggies to Kids 
  • Greening School Grounds: Composting and Waste Management 
  • Putting it together with Team-Building
Day 2
  • Nutrition in the Garden 
  • Seasonality and Crop Planning
  • Connecting to Academic Subject Areas 
  • From the Garden to the Cafeteria 
  • Tastings and PowerPlay

Fall 2011
Fall Day One
  • A National Movement for Healthier Schools: Focus on fruits and vegetables
  • Eating the Colors of the Rainbow
  • Culinary Skills for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Prep
  • Collaborative Farm to School Efforts
  • Promotions that Bring the Community Together
Fall Day Two
  • Nurturing Plants and People: Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education (GENE)
    • Academic Connections to Nutritious Gardens
    • Incredible Edible Six Plant Parts
    • GENE Lessons
  • Noontime Forum; Keeping the Momentum with Team Planning
A National Movement for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

USDA's MyPlate

Farm to School Overview

The Power of School Gardens

Download Past Year's Presentations


Let's Get Growing - Gardening How Tos from the Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden Workshop Modules (Compost, Seeding/Transplanting, making paper pots, and more)

Wake Up To Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - An online training demonstrating ways to increase the amount of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables served in a school setting

Channel One Video goes undercover to document a lunch line redesign in a middle school.
Part One for a quick summary start watching from the 3 minute mark
Part Two for a quick summary start watching from the 2 minute mark

Vermicomposting - A video on how to compost with worms


Seed Folks of Room 324 - See how a school classroom used the garden to inspire their literature assignment.


Davis Recycling is Simply Elementary Video - A summary of the Davis RISE waste reduction program

Fruity Girls - A summary of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Snack Program at Balboa High School in San Francisco

Farm To School - Videos from the CA Farm to School Website highlight the different parts of farm to school.

Project Food Lab - at Pacific Elementary School in Davenport, CA. Since 1984 the Food Lab Program, in cooperation with the school's Life Lab Garden Program, has been cooking the school lunch for students and staff!

Plant Part Art lesson - shows a parent volunteer leading an edible plant part activity at a 3rd grade class at Mar Vista Elementary in Aptos. Part of a longer video on garden stations.

Making Paper Pots  From Life Lab's Back Pocket Activities

Related Videos
Here are some videos that might be of interest to those working towards a healthy school environment.

Life Lab's School Garden Videos on garden-based learning themes

Farmer of the Month Bryan Howard, a local organic apple farmer in Chico, CA. See how apples travel from the tree to the market. This material was produced by the California Department of Public Healths Network for a Healthy California
Great videos created by a school on healthy food. Check out the Junk Food Exchange video

Kelseyville School Distict in Lake County has an exemplary model of Farm to School led by their food service director.

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