Training Resources

Since 2009 Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: A Centerpiece of A Healthy School Environment trainings have taken place all across California. We strive to share all the materials shared at our trainings on this website. 

Resources are categorized in the following sections. They are a mix of external websites and copies of handouts used at our trainings. Please note that while our trainers strive to share similar content at all of our trainings there are differences from site to site and from year to year. We try to keep this list as updated as possible.

This site also provides copies of videos, recipes and powerpoint presentations used at our tranings.

National Movement for Healthier Schools - Resources, grants and programs to support healthier school environments. 

Garden Enhanced Nutrition Education - An introduction to GENE, activities and lessons, nutrition connections and, resources

Preparing and Serving Fruits and Vegetables - In the cafeteria and classroom: salad bars, food safety, classroom cooking tips

Serving School Garden Grown Produce in the Cafeteriatips for food safety in the garden; management bulletins on purchasing school garden produce and supplies using food service funds; sample school garden produce use policy from other districts/region; sample wellness policy language to link school garden food to cafeteria

Promoting Fruits and Vegetables - In the cafeteria, classroom, and beyond

Gardening Skills and Resources - Information on garden bed preparation, seeding and transplanting, choosing plants for schools, choosing eco friendly .

Greening Schools - Composting and waste reduction at schools

Farm to School - What Does Farm-to-School Really Look Like?; Funding Farm to School Programming; Sourcing Local Food; Resources for Growers and Distributors; Teach About Farming; Videos of Wellness Policy Resources - Resources to help your district with a Wellness Policy

Other Materials - shared at FFVCHSE Trainings, these just didn't easily fit in the categories above.