What People Are Saying

Since 2009 over 1,500 people have attended our workshops.
Here is what they have said about our trainings:



  1. 1 Administrators
  2. 2 Child Nutrition Services Administrators and Staff
  3. 3 Teacher
  4. 4 Nutrition Educators
  5. 5 Garden Coordinators and Educators
  6. 6 Community Partners


·    Thank you for all your hard work! There was a considerable amount of preparation and we really appreciate your extra time to make this valuable for our students.

-       LAUSD, District Administrator


·    Wellness policy discussion helped us evaluate ours!

-      Principal


·    All activities with students were really great- correlates to standards helpful!

-      Countywide Ag/Environmental, Educator


·    This was so much better than I thought it would be. I look forward to tomorrow.

-      Head Preschool Teacher


·    Best Collaborative Farm to School Efforts.

-      Nutrition Services Coordinator


·    I was the only one at our table that had a wellness policy – they did not even know anything about their wellness policy.

-      Assistant Principal


·    The resources information and web sites, plus the sample activities because they provide clear examples of integration.

-      Associate Center Director


·    All information provided helpful and I will be useful in the classroom and is for families as well. – Garden-enhanced nutrition education is interesting, fun, involves participation and interaction.

-      Education Specialist


·    Loved the newspaper [seedling] pots; food pyramid relay was fun to get up and move!

-      Environmental Program Specialist


·    The math and garden concepts seem like it would be helpful, especially education the children in order for them to be exposed to great nutrition.

-      Center Director


Child Nutrition Services Administrators and Staff

·    Looking forward to implementing some nutrition education the classroom using plant parts and agriculture lesson.

-      Dietitian with Child Nutrition Services


·    Keeping the momentum on the wellness policy going and new partners and participation.  

-      Food Program Director


·    I want to pick Sandy’s (child nutrition director trainer) brain apart! I love learning from her.

-      Child nutrition Supervisor and Wellness Policy Lead


·    Very useful from a networking stand point, sharing of information and ideas.

-      Site Supervisor


·    Great ideas for our salad bars, Farm to School discussion and how the program looks.

-      Food Service Supervisor


·    The healthy school environment Web site which has all the links I need is the most helpful!  

-      School Produce Market Manager


·    I really like the Wake Up to More Fruits and Vegetables

-      Director of Food Service


·    Fun, great ideas for everyone!                        

-      Site Manager


·    A Fresh Look at Promotions – a great activity to help me think outside the box. We are not currently promoting our produce!

-      Director of Nutrition Services


·    Lots of ideas to try at mu school, to help educate students about nutrition. Like the idea of a brochure for the wellness policies.

-      Multi-site Cafeteria Manager.


·    Great to bring so many minds together.            

-      Director


·    The food and cooking activities are great and I will use them and share with my teachers.                                                             

-      Child Nutrition Supervisor


·    I want to create a job for a forager/delivery person to make Farm to School happen in our area.

-      Cafeteria Manager


·    This is the best and most relevant  workshop I have ever been to!

-      Marketing Specialist


·    Best….Access to garden materials and networking with attendees.

-      Food Service Director


·    The ideas for school gardens were helpful.

-      Director of Food Services


·    I want to start a wellness program and a policy at the daycare! 

-      Cook


·    Great workshop! Thank you…..

-      Child Nutrition


·    Thank you for a great workshop and bringing together so many of the “player!”

-      Director of Student Nutrition Services


·    This conference was amazing, and such a great and supportive group of people.            

-      Food and Nutrition Coordinator


·    The Team Nutrition Resources and Fruits and Vegetables Galore are the most helpful. 

-      Food Service Manager



·    ……web sites, classroom ideas most helpful……so many, Thank You!

-      Teacher


·    Nadene [child nutrition director presenter] is very connected with the schools and teachers – how do we get Food Service Directors in other school district ot jump a board the Farm to School bandwagon?  Wow that Nadene links with teachers on new items coming through lunch meals! 

-      Elementary Teacher


·    Need to get info out to teachers and parents that there is a wellness policy!           

-      Elementary Teacher


·    You did an awesome job. Very worthwhile! Have to go online and investigate!

-      Teacher


·    I really got to meet other professionals and discuss what is really important.

-       Preschool Teacher


·    Healthy School Environment  - I can’t wait to go online. 

-      Science teacher


·    Awareness is powerful. Had no idea this (school wellness policies) was apart of my life at school!                                               

-      Teacher


·    The best…..how to get buy in form others to assist with promoting healthy skills!

-      Teacher – Garden Coordinator


·    Truly enjoyed the available resources and thinking about how to promote fruits and vegetables.

-      Preschool Teacher


·    Santa Cruz school lunch and food service program….this talk helped me understand what a food service department really does! 

-      Teacher


Nutrition Educators

·    Very, Very valuable to have her perspective/education on school food service. I think it would be great to have more discussion like this so everyone understands what Food Service Directors are up against. Thank you so much!!! Your conferences have been wonderful!

-      Registered Dietitian


·    Lots of different jobs represented this year. Adds vital dimension to discussion.

-      Nutrition Educator


·    All activities were great. Easy, practical, and useful. 

-      Nutrition Educator


·    Sincere thanks for all you do to keep our “torch” lit so that we can spread the “ light” to our students who are our “future!”  Preservance is Key!!!!

-      Nutrition Educator


·    Want to continue to look into Farm to School at our schools. 

-      Nutrition Educator


·    So many resources put up on the www.healthyschoolenvironment.org Web site, especially “Food Safety in the Garden” and www.wakeupfv.com – specifics about produce.

-      Nutrition Educator


·    Fruit and Veggie Cards and Harvest of the Month – good resources for parents.

-      County Health/Nutrition Specialist – Head Start


·    Farm to School information was very interesting and also learning about Harvest of the Month and Wake Up to More Fruits and Vegetables. –

-      Nutrition Educator


·    Excellent and multiple resources – thank you!

-      Nutrition Specialist


·    Best….healthyschoolenvironment.org! 

-      Director of Dietetics


Garden Coordinators and Educators


·    The best ….. a basic awareness of how important this is for our children’s education and health.                                    

-      Garden Coordinator


·    Well rounded educational possibilities.           

-      School Garden Coordinator


·    Thanks!  Have to teach it next week – new ideas and extensions of previous plans.                                                                        

-      Teacher – Garden Coordinator


·    The MyPyramid lesson and comparison of whole and processed foods!

-      Garden Educator


·    Fall and Spring sessions were different enough. Fall was more gardening oriented. Spring was more helpful with linking all the different areas.

-      Parent Garden Volunteer


·    Most helpful.....using health (wellness) policy to promote our garden goals!

-      Volunteer School Garden Parent


·    Classroom and garden ideas for kids…great. 

-      School Garden Volunteer


·    Best….garden-enhanced nutrition education, food shed and food web activities.

-      CREEC Coordinator


·    The fruit and vegetable cards are awesome…..and can’t believe they were being distributed!

-       Garden Educator


·    All the resources and people to network with were great! 

-      Afterschool Garden Program


Community Partners


·    Great and good energy presentations,            World Café Networking was very useful.                                    

-      Farmer


·    I loved that I was forced to get my school’s wellness policy. I didn’t even know we had one!                                               

-      Parent Volunteer


·    Food service director presentation Jamie Smith.  “Excellent” – he was a great presenter and happy to see the district hired him. 

-      Farmer


·    Best….ideas for linking to the education standards. 

-      Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) coordinator


·    Awesome networking!                                   

-      Youth program director


·    During the wellness policy breakout….really enjoyed the feedback the nutrition services directors gave – the real life experience.

-      Community health representative


·    The actual lessons were the most helpful, for example the Plant Part Factory lessons were great and the books. 

-       Community Outreach Educator


·    Better understanding of opportunities for food services, classroom….really creating well rounded health school environment.               

-      Wellness Coordinator


·    I loved the plant art and farmer to school information.

-      Non-profit Organization Director


·    All was very useful and helpful, thank you!  

-      Recreation Coordinator


·    Loved these activities – easy to do- great reinforcement for nutrition and healthy eating education.                                   

-      Program Coordinator – Nutrition Educator


·    Fun ideas on gardening to pass on to school partners. 

-      Network LIA


·    Loved the engagement and hands-on activities, I will use at my next training.                                               

-      Curriculum Specialist


·    All activities will be replicated and shared in out district

-      Curriculum Specialist